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Groupies E.P.


Groupies is somewhat of a statement piece for Lost, veering from his traditional sound Lost experiments with slightly noisier undertones to execute this highly anticipated club banger.

Ironhide vip:

Lost's debut release on Hench 'Ironhide' is the foundation he built his distinguishable style and sound on. The Vip showcases his journey through his Hench releases subtly highlighting extracts from previous releases 'slaughtered', 'Escape from the Womb' and 'Metal Foot'. The Vip encompasses the essence of the original but has the added advantage of developed production which makes for a devastating 2012 re lick!


Lost & Hatcha came up with the title after a long night on the road testing this formally untitled hot of the press dub plate. After several gigs with Hatcha using it as his opener Lost was under no illusion this was a keeper. On the way home they came across 'Gocaine sold here. 100% legal high (almost like mkat)'. The guys had a good laugh at the sign stuck between the relishes in a kebab shop and decided Gocaine had to be the title for the killer which had just destroyed every club they just played.


Lost and Benton team up for their second co lab. Using Sesame street as a massive source of inspiration.

Lost Groupies E.P. Vinyl:
A. Groupies
AA. Ironhide VIP

Lost Groupies E.P. Digital Only:
1. Groupies
2. Ironhide VIP
3. Gocaine
4. Yipyipyip Ft. Benton



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